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 We at Glyphus wish you the best of luck with your science book and offer these resources to help make it a success.

Perhaps the best advice we can offer is to join the National Association of Science Writers, to take advantage of the expertise of other science writers and NASW's comprehensive resources on science writing and publishing. These include Dennis Meredith's series of articles on Marketing and Publishing.

Also, in order to attract a commercial publisher, or decide whether you will want to publish your book yourself, you need a clear idea of the market for your book. Perhaps the major shortcoming of most authors is that they attempt to develop and sell their book to a publisher without a comprehensive marketing plan. To help you do this market analysis and planning, there are are many excellent books on book marketing, including
 Also, the two major self-publishing books have good sections on marketing, besides constituting comprehensive guides to self-publishing. They are

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